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The Science of Living – Graciously

The Science of Living – Graciously

Table of Contents
Introduction – What Is The Science Of Living?
Contentment and How to Achieve It
Other People’s Problems – Possibly Your Headache
Self-Pity and Self-Absorption
Is it Worthwhile to Keep a Stiff Upper Lip?
Expressions and How They Facilitate Your Passage through Life
My Beliefs are Superior to Yours – You Have to Follow Them

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Introduction – What Is The Science Of Living?
Many of us are familiar with the Art of Living. But do you know about the Science of Living? The physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional processes which we are going through in our day to day living are natural, inbuilt, and something which we do instinctively and automatically. Apart from these activities, we add spiritual and emotional strength to our lives by practicing the social, traditional and ethical principles and guidelines to good living brought to us by our ancestors and the wise ancients. This is the extra that we put into our lives in order to achieve spiritual and mental peace and equanimity. These rules of living brought to us by these ancients, under the heading of the art of living.
The Science of Living is looking at little incidents throughout the day or occurring in the lives of people around you. Now how are those actions going to influence you? How are you going to benefit from their mistakes? How are you going to be inspired by their experiences? How are you going to take advantage of this knowledge? This is the basis of The Science of Living in the modern atmosphere of stress, tension and worry.
The Science of Living graciously is going to be made up of a number of lessons. These are easy to implement in your own lives after you have understood them. They are going to be examples of people you see around you. You need to have the power of analyzing this factor – does this example relate to me? Am I a person who spreads joy around me? Or am I a taker contributing nothing to society except possible worry and tension to them. How do I achieve contentment? Is it possible to achieve everything you wish and desire in this world? How do I manage this stressful life, when I find myself facing problems and troubles at every turn? How do I gain the mental strength to cope with sorrow and loss?
Can I achieve all the goals I have set out for myself during this lifetime? If not, is it really worth struggling against huge odds?
Well, I hope this book and the others following it is going to teach you lessons in life and how they were used by the ancients to gain spiritual and emotional guidance, help and strength. Read more…