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The Science of Living – Parenting With Responsibility and Purpose

The Science of Living – Parenting With Responsibility and Purpose

Table of Contents
Introduction-What Do You Mean By Parenting Responsibly?
Child Psychology –Do You Understand Your Teenager?
Parental Attitudes
Teenage Discipline
Defiant Behavior in Children – Boot Camps Taking on the Responsibility of Raising a Girl Child
Mama, daddy, Why Do Not You Listen?
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What Do You Mean by Parenting Responsibly?
“It is not enough just becoming a parent; you need to take on the responsibility of a lifetime of conscientious guidance. No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to persevere to the end in their nature and education.” [Plato – 427-347 BC]
This was written millenniums ago, by one of the most famous philosophers of Classical Times, Plato, but even though we read his books and his system, we definitely do not know how to apply his teachings in bringing up children, responsibly and conscientiously.
The Science of Living is a series, in which you take example from daily life, and try to implement them in your own lifestyle and gain guidance from the lessons taught to you by the people who have gone before you based on their experience, knowledge and wisdom.
This particular book is going to tell you all about parenting responsibly, and whether you are doing it for your own children, or are you just shirking responsibility? Read more…