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Learn How to Draw Landscapes in Pencil and Charcoal For The Absolute Beginner

Learn How to Draw Landscapes in Pencil and Charcoal For The Absolute Beginner

Drawing Materials
Drawing an Outline
Grid System
Drawing and Rendering
Sahara Desert in Pencil
The Chocolate Hills in Charcoal
The Lone Tree in Pencil
Mountain View in Charcoal
Nature’s Path in Pencil
Desert Rock Formation in Charcoal
The Bridge in Charcoal
Tips to Remember
Author Bio

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Ever wonder how an artist draw a beautiful landscape, how with ease uses his chosen medium and finished his masterpiece. Well let me tell you, that can do it too, picking this book is the first step you showed your interest to draw Landscape. I promise you if you read and do the instructions step-by-step in this book in no time you will be drawing your Landscape masterpiece in no time. Imagine that you will not just amaze yourself but also your friends and others by your skill in drawing as well rendering it adding tones to make in realistic. Both in pencil and Charcoal, as what I always tell beginner artist, you must be dedicated, persevere and be patient, if your first drawing attempt is not the same as you seen in the examples, don’t be discourage, try to relax or take a break and after that do it again with your calm mind.
This book will be showing you how easy it is to draw landscape, so let’s begin the journey and adventure of the world of Landscape with your pencil and charcoal, and remember have fun and free your creative mind. Read more…