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Grandma’s Natural Remedies and Ancient Herbal Recipes

Grandma’s Natural Remedies and Ancient Herbal Recipes

Table of Contents
Grandma’s Herbal Decoctions
Cough/Cold Cure
Cramps and Joint Pain
Banana diet
Neem Remedy
Lemon Remedy
Fenugreek Cure
Fenugreek Poultice
Fenugreek Potato Recipe
Tomato Tip
Rheumatic Pain
Massage oil for Rheumatism
Basil Toothpaste for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy
Constipation Remedy
Gulqand-Rose Jam
How to Collect Wild Rose Petals
When Is This Jam Normally Made
Slow Sun Method
Fungal Infections in Nails
Honey and Onion Mix
Hiccup Cure
Making Desi Ghee
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Grandma was a great believer in natural remedies and cures. She knew that herbs and other plant products, were amazingly efficient, and effective in getting rid of minor ailments, which would be the lot and portion of her large family.
That is why she used all those nostrums, infusions, decoctions, and other herbal products which had been passed on to her by her grandma and so on down the ages. So here is another collection of grandma’s natural remedies and ancient herbal recipes to keep you healthy, as well as beautiful.
All these products are easily available right in your garden or in your kitchen. Best of all, they have no aftereffects and they have no side effects. That is because all these products are completely hundred percent natural.
Why are so many people going back to natural remedies and ancient herbal recipes, in the 21st century? That is because they have found that chemical-based drugs and medicines have a short-term effect. They may also come accompanied with toxic effects, and side effects. So you are going to find yourself suffering from these long-term aftereffects. However, that is definitely not the case when you are taking natural remedies, which have been made with hundred percent natural products.
And that is what grandma did. She gathered all the natural products available in her garden, or easily available in the woods, when she went rambling out gathering herbs, and brought them home. These were then used, to cure a number of ailments. Some of them seem rather drastic, but you need to remember that grandma was more of an experimenter. She knew that there was one product in these herbal combinations which did all the magic. The rest were just “filling.” Read more…