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Learn How to Paint Portraits of People In Watercolor For the Absolute Beginners

Learn How to Paint Portraits of People In Watercolor For the Absolute Beginners

Color Terms
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Tertiary Colors
Saturation or Chroma
Application and Techniques
How to Use Your Brush
How to Mix Your Watercolor
How to Make a Color Wheel
How to Create Color Value Chart
How to Create a Wash
Rendering the Sphere
Drawing the Outline
The Cute Little Baby Boy
The Little Girl in Red
The Lovely Couple
The Old Man
Author Bio
Bonus Content – Drawing a Puppy
Bonus Content – Drawing Landscapes

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Learning to Paint Watercolor is easy, and painting portraits using this medium is easier, if you know how and this book is all about it. So first of all I congratulate you for purchasing this eBook. What will you get from this eBook? Let me count the ways: First you will learn how to use your painting brush as if I’m watching you doing your brush strokes, just follow the pictures step-by-step. Next you will be learning to how to mix colors and some fundamentals about the natures of it, and then you will learn Techniques and Tips that will make you confident when painting. Lastly, if you finish all the exercises here, I’m very sure you can paint any portraits that you want to paint it can be your family or relatives, friends, neighbors, and even your love ones. Just give your dedication 100% and time, and you will reap all the benefits. Also don’t forget to take a rest after you finish one exercise, take time to see and correct your work if there is any and have fun it’s a must.

Step by Step instructions to go from photo to finished Portrait Read more…