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Learn How to Paint Rainforest Animals In Watercolor For The Beginner

Learn How to Paint Rainforest Animals In Watercolor For The Beginner

Color Terms
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Tertiary Colors
Saturation or Chroma
Application and Techniques
How to Use Your Brush
How to Mix Your Watercolor
How to Make a Color Wheel
How to Create Color Value Chart
Rendering the Sphere
Drawing the Outline
The Toucan
The Poison Dart Frog
The Rhinoceros Beetle
The Sloth
The Macaw
Author Bio
Bonus Chapters Drawing Animals
Bonus Chapters Drawing Landscapes

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Painting animal using watercolor is easy, trust me and this book will help you, First of all I want to share something, when I was little, I can still remember the first time I used watercolor, I was so excited that at the end of the day all the colors in the watercolor case are wet and ruined, not knowing the basic and how to use it properly really can cause disaster and even make me frustrated, that time I began to question myself “Why some people can paint it nicely and beautifully?”

So as time goes by, I began to study some of the works of the famous artist, which inspired me to make artworks, and also learned some other art mediums. I found out that Watercolor was accessible in terms of availability of materials, like Watercolor paints, Brushes and The Watercolor Paper, since you just need water to thin the color down unlike other media like oil Paints which need Turpentine and other Mineral Spirits. Also Let me mention the Work space, which is easy to setup, even with your simple easel, you can even set it outdoors if you like.

Picking this book is a wise choice, as this book is design for all beginners; it will teach you the basics, how to use the Brush, including lectures about Colors and how to mix them with confidence. What you have to do is to follow it step by step.

After you finish the exercises, you will able to paint animals using the techniques mention in this book and you will see Watercolor painting in a different way something enlightening. Read more…