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My First Book about Animals of Australia – Children’s Picture Books

My First Book about Animals of Australia – Children’s Picture Books
Bestselling author John Davidson presents “My First Book about Animals of Australia – Children’s Picture Books”. Beautiful Pictures and easy reading format will help children fall in love with the animals of Australia. This is one of over 30 books in the Amazing Animal Books – My First Book about Animals Series.

The series is known as one of the most beautiful on the ereaders. The pictures look great even in black and white and are excellent on the full color ereaders.
Lots of facts and photos will help your children learn about this wonderful animal. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of Animals of Australia: anatomy, feeding habits and behavior.

*** You and your kids will love learning about Animals of Australia

Table of Contents

What is a Marsupial?
Sugar Glider
Other Marsupials
Egg-laying Mammals

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What is a Marsupial?

A marsupial (mar-SOO-pee-al) is a type of animal that has a special way of caring for its young. When a baby marsupial is born, it is too weak and frail to live outside. Instead, it crawls inside a pouch in the mother’s body where it can be warm and protected. It stays there until it grows big enough to go outside.

Kangaroos and koalas are marsupials. Most of the Australian animals in this book are marsupials. Marsupials live in other parts of the world too.
A young marsupial is usually called a joey. You can sometimes see a joey sticking its head out of its mother’s pouch.
All marsupials are mammals. This means that the young ones drink milk from their mother’s body. Joeys do this while inside their mother’s pouch. Read more…

Construction Guide For New Investors in Real Estate

Construction Guide For New Investors in Real Estate

Table of Contents
Identifying and Buying a Piece of Land
Where to Get the Money
Getting Government Approval
Supervising the Construction or Hiring a Construction Company
Subletting/Selling a Property – How to Go About It
How to Save Money and Maximize Profits during Construction
Mistakes that Most People Make in Real Estate Investments
Author Bio

Several factors have made more and more people to opt out of stock market investments and into the lucrative real estate industry. Unlike most of the other forms of investments, buying or constructing homes involve minimal risks while investors are always guaranteed of profits.
The best thing about real estate investments is that you don’t have to worry about whether you are going to sell the home, lease or occupy it. Rest assured that it is a worthy investment as the value of real property keeps on appreciating regardless of its location or design. However, the rate at which the value of real property appreciates is dependent on several factors. You should therefore carefully analyze all the factors before making up your mind on whether to invest your money and time in a given property.
If you are thinking of buying a piece of land so as to construct a house, you should never be in a hurry to sign any deal. Just take your time during the planning stage to analyze the value of the piece of land and predict the rate at which the value of the property is going to appreciate depending on its location, nearby amenities and future government and/or private sector investments in the area.
Those with experience in the real estate industry will find it quite easy to buy land anywhere as they can easily gauge the value of the property. For those without experience in the real estate industry, this book gives them an insight into the dos and don’ts when it comes to real estate investments. From this book, you are guaranteed of learning important real estate tips and ideas even if you have experience in the real estate industry.
The book “Construction Guide for New Investors in Real Estate” covers all aspects of real estate investments starting from acquiring a piece of land, buying construction materials, hiring a construction company, the interior and exterior features to include in a home and marketing of the newly built homes. You’ll also learn how to maximize profits by minimizing costs and adopting effective marketing techniques. This book also contains a list of mistakes that most people make and hence you’ll get to avoid such mistakes by simply reading it before investing in real estate.
Start your journey to real estate investments by reading the whole of this book! Read more..


A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Fruit Trees

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Fruit Trees
Gardening Tips and Methods for Growing Fruit Trees
For Pleasure And Profit.
Table of Contents

Which Fruit to Grow?
Fruit Production Charts.
Cold Hardiness zones
Citrus fruits
Planting Your Strawberries
Mulching Strawberries.
Feeding Strawberries
Protecting Your Strawberries.
Growing Strawberries in Barrels.
Buying the Right Trees and Bushes
Soil Conditions
Nitrogen Fixing Crops
Planning your garden
Natural Weedkillers
General Planting
Supporting Your Fruit Trees
Bird Protection
Frost Protection
Planting Fruit Trees Against Walls
What Are Espaliers?
Keeping Your Bushes and Trees Healthy
Fertilizers and pesticides – Cow Manure – the Best Organic Fertilizer/Compost Base
John Innes Compost
Basic Healthy Compost Mixtures
How to Make Leaf Compost
Natural Pesticides
Neem Pesticide
Preparing Neem seeds
Bougainvillea Leaves.
Fungicides for Soil
Onion – Garlic Antifungal Solution.
Papaya Cure
Using Cow Manure Ash as a Pesticide
Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in Plants
Garden Pests
Fruit Plant Propagation
Harvesting your fruit
Author Bio

When Mother Nature blessed the new born earth with life forms milleniums ago, the diversity of one celled creatures took up different lines of evolution due to climatic changes and mutations. That is when plant life evolved along with animal life. And that is how the surface of the earth was covered with lush fruitful vegetation, which flourished and evolved in different climates.
As time went by, climatic changes also changed the nature and the appearance of these plants. From multicelled algae and fungi, they became huge multicelled giant trees, like the Sequoia, which are remnants of those glorious days of giant Green trees gone by.
And soon man found out that trees were very useful to give him shelter, to give him food, and to provide him with essential fruit, leaves, and seeds to supplement his diet. That was because he was imitating the animals around him.
They nibbled at leaves, he did the same thing. Sometimes he ended up with a tummy ache. Sometimes the animals ended up sick while he was left hale and hearty. But down the ages, and through lots of trial and error, he found out that every single plant out there could be put into use, even those plants we consider weeds today.

The mythological and historical hanging Gardens of Babylon, which were supposed to have been built by Nebuchadnezzar, but in actuality were built by Sennacherib in Nineveh, Assyria, about 300 km away from Babylon.
These were lush with green trees from all over the world. And historians who are not really bothered about historic authenticity and the names of kings, did not bother much about the locality or the creator of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
First-hand accounts of that time were not available, and when Babylon conquered Assyria, they called it the new Babylon. And so centuries later historians wrote about the wonders of marvelous trees and green vegetation, growing in Babylon.
So that is the reason why since ancient times, trees, especially fruit trees have been an important part of cultured and civilized landscaping. They were and are planted in gardens for the pleasure of the general public or for your own private enjoyment.
You can grow one kind of fruit or another in almost any garden. Even the smallest garden can produce apples and strawberries. If you have plenty of land you are lucky because you have the space to allow your trees to spread their wings and flourish. Read more…

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The Magic of Turmeric For Health and Beauty

The Magic of Turmeric For Health and Beauty

There Is Something about Turmeric
How to Grow Turmeric
Best Soil for Turmeric.
How to Harvest Turmeric
Turmeric Essential Oil
Storing Your Turmeric
How to Grind Turmeric
Using Turmeric for Dyeing
Turmeric as an Insecticide
Turmeric for Beauty
Natural Skin Remedy
Getting Rid of Skin Blemishes
Getting Rid of Sunburn
Turmeric Body Mask
Oatmeal Turmeric Scrub
Turmeric in a Toothpaste?
Sprouted Lentil Veggie Burger
Orange Turmeric Cake
Marinated Grilled Prawns
Savory Chickpeas
Turmeric to Heal You.
Tummy Parasites?
Suffering from anemia?
Turmeric for Curing Wounds
Turmeric Antiseptic
Turmeric and Onions team up against Colon Cancer

There is an ancient and amusing saying, very prevalent in the East,” Mr. Rat found a rhizome of turmeric; he immediately opened up a grocers/herbalist shop!” This may be used to talk about a dreaming, ambitious person, who is trying to extend his wings beyond his capacities, but on the other hand, it talks all about the power of turmeric.
As a grocer, Mr. Rat could not only sell turmeric as a condiment and as a spice, for cooking purposes, but he also had easy access to the cure-all for all ailments – turmeric!
Scientific research in the West, has found out that turmeric, has antibiotic and germicidal qualities, but that was already known in the ancient alternative medicine of the Orient and of the East. It had to be a necessary part of the medical arsenal of every wise woman out there, in ancient times, because if she did not have easy access to the medicine man or to a physician, she just had to resort to plain old turmeric.
So her family’s cough and cold prevalent chest infections, cuts, wounds, and even skin problems in her teenage kids, with those pimples and skin blemishes could be cured by turmeric.
The idea that turmeric is used just as a spice, giving flavor and a golden color to cuisine, is slowly and steadily disappearing from the Western mind. Instead, they are getting to know more about its curative properties, thanks to research telling them about Curcumin – a natural product present in turmeric, which keeps you safe, healthy, and also prevents cancer.
Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Indian, and Oriental medicine knew all about the value of this rhizome since ancient times. This plant belongs to the same family as the equally important curative Herb – ginger.

The herb that you are going to get in the market, is going to be a golden yellow powder, made up of grinding dry rhizomes in a heavy-duty grinder.
I remember one of the persuasive salesman, trying to persuade my father to buy some of his hundred percent pure, freshly ground in his own mill turmeric powder, packaged in his own shop. My father looked at him and told him, “last time I bought some of this hundred percent pure, freshly packaged powder from the market, I put a teaspoon full of it in the water, and I have got enough of saffron dye mixed in it to dye a turban!” That shut the sales man up, because that is when guilty conscience works.
Yes it is true; the powder that you are going to get in the market today is possibly definitely not pure, that is why it is necessary for you to use a grinder to grind the rhizomes.
This book is going to tell you all about the magic of turmeric, and you are going to be surprised to know that you knew so less about this amazing herb/spice. Not only is it being used extensively to cure and prevent life-threatening diseases, but it can help save you a lot of headaches and possible financial expenditure, related to your health in the future. Read more…

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The Science of Living by Giving and Tithes – Giving Generously with a Happy Heart

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The Science of Living by Giving and Tithes

Table of Contents
Give as He is Able
What Does One Mean by Give?
Giving in Ancient Days
Objects of Charity
Author Bio

When I began writing the Science Of Living books, and thinking about the topics on which to write, I came across a subject which is dear to my heart-The ancient practice of giving tithes or just giving from your heart, according to your means.
I was about seven years old, when I heard that my father’s uncle who had brought him up, went every month to the holy place, and gave 10% of his income to serve the needy and the poor.
I am not a Christian, so I did not know that tithes were part of the holy Writ. I just knew that people of our religion had been told by our gurus to give charity, a tenth part of whatever we earned to the needy and the poor.
It was called Daswand- the 10th part.
When I grew up and started earning, I also kept up the family tradition of giving a Daswand to Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity orphanage in our city. It took the form of food and clothes for the orphan children and babies. And when I used to come back, I used to feel as if the duty for the month had been done!
This sort of spiritual upliftment was not smug complacency and pride in saying, “well, just imagine I have given so much money in charity.” It was more of a humble feeling that thank you Lord, that you have given me so much and given me the will and the strength to part with even a 10th of it.
Whenever I used to go there, I used to be really happy about one thing – people from all walks of life, and from all religions came there, and gave freely. I saw Sikhs, Hindus, Mussalmans and Christians helping feed the needy, with what they could give.
And my eyes would filled with tears. This was one place where nobody cared about religion. It was just this child would freeze in the winter.

Believe it or not, as my income grew, it sometimes became very hard for me to part of comparatively large sums, because all that money was not being spent on me and my family. This is how selfish a human being is, and that is his natural instinct.
Deuteronomy 16:17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you.
Many people asked me why I did not give this money to serve people of my own religion and I used to give them looks of “oh God, what fools these mortals be. They need to bring in the idea of religion, even in a natural instinct of trying to help anybody belonging to the genus Homo sapiens. ”

Give with the feeling of humbleness that you Can give. Not with pride.
But then, this book is definitely not anything to do with religion, but more with the science of living in a manner befitting a good soul. However, bear with me, if it has quotations from Holy Writ of different holy books and stories taken from the sayings of the ancients. These books have been compiled by great, good and wise men, to help benefit mankind down the ages.
So, this book is going to tell you all about the art of giving, and giving generously. This is going to include some of my own personal views, but as they are universal, and so thoroughly human and most of them are what I would consider miracles, I am more than happy to share them with you. Read more…


A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga – Yoga for Good Health and for Weight Loss


A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga
Yoga for Good Health and for Weight Loss

Table of Contents
Introduction to Yoga
The History of Yoga
The Guru –Shisya Tradition
Practicing Yoga in Your Daily Life
Your Yoga Lifestyle
Getting to Know More about Beginners Yoga
Who can Best Teach You Yoga?
Learning Yoga Online
Finding the Best and Well-Qualified Yoga Teachers
Tips for Beginners Yoga
So What Should You Expect from Beginners Yoga
How to Do Yoga
Beginner Yoga Poses and Techniques
Padmasana- The Lotus Pose
Shavasana- the Corpse Pose
The Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana
Most Effective Yoga Poses
Sukhasana- The Pose of Relaxation
Vajrasana — the Rock Pose, the Resting Pose or the Diamond Pose
Siddhasana — the Perfect Pose
Yoga for Weight Loss
More about Yoga
The Control of Life – Pranayama
Bikrama Yoga for weight loss
Suryanamaskara – Greeting the Sun
Ashtanga Yoga-the Yoga of Eight Limbs
Resources and helpful URLS
Author Bio

Introduction to Yoga
This book is going to tell you a little bit about yoga. I am not going to go very deeply in to the esoteric and traditional aspects of yoga, because that knowledge is only gained through years of training by a wise and experienced guru, but you are going to get to know more about this ancient tradition, which has come down to benefit mankind down the ages.

“What is Yoga?” Ask any health-conscious person this question and he is going to inspect the ceiling thoughtfully and say something on the lines of, “ahhh,umm…Is not yoga made up of some exercise routines in which you lie down on a mat, and twist your body into different shapes? These exercises are to get rid of weight and will make sure that you keep fit, fine, and healthy.”
When you nod and say, “Go on,” he is going to continue enthusiastically, “And then you are going to be chanting some mantras all the time that you are doing these exercises, because that is the way it is done!”
Hold it right there! You are right, that yoga is basically a set of exercises, but let me explain about the idea of mantras and chanting. This idea that you have to chant instant mantras in praise of the gods is perhaps the reason why so many people are not taking benefit of this ancient Eastern tradition. That is because they consider this to be religion, area, and civilization specific. This is definitely not so.
An American friend once asked me if I practiced yoga, being an Indian. I nodded and she replied, a bit bewildered. “But you are not a Hindu. So why would you want to practice yoga?” And then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, I guess it is just a passing phase, this interest in yoga.”
This was 20 years ago, and for all those people out there who still are under the impression that yoga is a religion specific tradition, let me tell you a little bit about this ancient traditional way of keeping healthy. And I am glad to see that she has been proven wrong, because Yoga is definitely not a fad. It is not “here today gone tomorrow”.
More and more people in the West, and also all over the world are getting interested in this natural way of keeping healthy and physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally fit.
Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. It has been practiced in Asia in different ways and under different names with one goal – achievement of spiritual harmony and physical well-being. The Chinese have their own version of yoga,-Taichi and Taijiquan- which includes mental and physical exercises, including meditation. So have plenty of old Eastern civilizations down the ages.
Yoga is a state of mind; it is also the art of living, in which the mind, body and spirit work in tandem to achieve the state of mental, physical and emotional harmony. And if that is too philosophical for you, you can consider yoga to be a system in which you are getting in touch with your mind, body and spirit in a really positive manner! Read more…