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Learn to Paint Horses and Dogs In Watercolor For The Absolute Beginner

Learn to Paint Horses and Dogs In Watercolor For The Absolute Beginner

Color Terms
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Tertiary Colors
Saturation or Chroma
Application and Techniques
How to Use Your Brush
How to Mix your Watercolor
How to Make a Color Wheel
How to Create Color Value Chart
How to Create a Wash
Rendering the Sphere
Drawing the Outline
The Mini Horse
The Bulldog
The Running Horse
The Shih Tzu
The Race
Author Bio
Bonus Content From
Pencil Drawing for the Beginner – Animals
Grid System
Rendering the Cute Puppy
Bonus Content From
Pencil Drawing for the Beginner – Landscapes
The Lone Tree in Pencil
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Painting Horses and Dogs has never been easy, if you know where to begin and finish especially if it is done in Watercolor, This eBook will teach you the basic and the right approach to where to start by following the step-by-step exercises. What make the Horse so special is the form and contour of its shape, which signify gracefulness and speed, Let me also mention that 2014 is a year of the horse, according to Chinese calendar, and Horse is a friend of a Dog, so I also include it in our exercises, also as they are consider as “Man’s Best friend”.

As you Read this eBook you will learn, more about colors and how to mix them for application, you will be making the Color Wheel which can help you distinguish the differences of one color to another, also you will learn how to use your brush and techniques when working with the exercises, and learn how to transfer your drawing the non-destructive way to maintain your work clean. By this I’m sure you will be painting Horses and Dogs very well after you learn all the exercises from this eBook, so as I always say give your 100% dedication, perseverance and patience. And you will reap all the benefits especially acquiring this new skill. Read more…


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