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Grandma’s Natural Remedies And Ancient Recipes – How to cure a common cold and other health related remedies

Grandma’s Natural Remedies And Ancient Recipes – How to cure a common cold and other health related remedies

Table of contents
Grandma’s rules For Simple Living
Grandma’s easy Health Remedies
Wake up energy drink
Benefits of the Neem
Curing a cold
Tasty Cold Whisky Remedy
Butter Cold Syrup
Gingered Lemon Drink
Mustard Bath Powder
Hot and Cold Water Remedy
Traditional Golden Chicken Soup Remedy – The Way Grandma Made It
Time-tested Chest Rub
Vaseline – Camphor Remedy
Effective remedy for Catarrh
Antiseptic Way To Clear Catarrh
Amazing hay fever remedy
Sore throats
Hoarseness – recipe for children
Hoarseness – recipe for adults
Grandma’s Natural Cure for Obesity
Diet program
Conclusion – and some general gossip!

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In volume 3 of Grandma’s Natural Remedies And Ancient Recipes, you are going to get to know more about a number of different fruits, and vegetables which are going to enhance your health, and allow you to live long and prosper. These natural remedies have come down through word-of-mouth from grandmother to granddaughter, down the millenniums, in almost all the ancient civilizations, when it was the responsibility of the female of the family to make sure that her family kept healthy and survived in the times when superstition and bad hygiene was rife.
This is the reason why so many ancient remedies and herbal recipes, were used on a day to day basis, by grandma and these volumes comprise of a collection of the wisdom of the ages for all those people who believe in the power of nature to cure ailments from the root, instead of looking for chemical-based drugs to help cure them.
Remember that those were the days, when ignorance was also rife and many quacks came up with nostrums potions and brews. One can read about the most famous of them all, the witches brew in MacBeth . Grandma is not going to be putting eyes of newt and tongues of frogs in her remedies, but is going to tell us about how simple fruit juices and spices, can heal and cure common remedies.
Grandma knew all about how to remain beautiful, even when she was in her 80s and 90s. That is because she used the wisdom of ages, passed down to her, in simple rules of living.

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