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Grandma’s Herbal Lore – Ancient Herbal Recipes and Remedies

Grandma’s Herbal Lore – Ancient Herbal Recipes and Remedies – Volume 5

Table of Contents
Delicious, Refreshing Traditional Healthy Drinks
How to make the perfect Nimbu pani – Lime Juice
Lassi – Buttermilk
Buttermilk And Grapes As a Cancer Cure
For Victims Of Strokes
Kidney stones
Piles remedy
Hair Care
How to Get Rid of Baldness:
Alopecia Areata
Burning to An Ash
What on earth is Desi Ghee?
Premature Graying of Hair
How to Darken Your Hair Naturally
Gooseberry oil
Preventing Hair Loss
Early Stages of Asthma
What Is the Best Diet for a Person Suffering from Asthma?
Sciatica remedy
Knowing about Hot and Cold Foods
Bacopa scrophulariaceae-Bhrahmi Booti
Memory Loss
Get rid of bedbugs
get rid of cockroaches
‘Ear, ‘Ear
Garlic remedy
Kum Kum
Periodic Deafness
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In volume 5 of Grandma’s natural remedies, with herbal lore and ancient recipes, you are going to get an excellent critique mixture of the knowledge of the ages, brought around to us through papyri , books and trial and error experiments done by the ancients. The word of mouth results, have been the product of years of experimentation done millenniums ago.
When did grandma become the epitome of wisdom and experience? Well, we should go back millenniums, when it was the job of the oldest generation to take care of the youngest generation, while the adults generation in between went out to collect food, water and other basic necessities necessary for survival.
The job of raising and training the children was left to those people who were most experienced. It is possibly this reason why the oldest and the youngest generations still find that they are more compatible and comfortable with each other, due to natural preference, instinctive selection and human psychological and social behavior.
So the children of the tribe, group, gathering, and city were put in charge of the elders, who used to talk to them about their ancient traditions, talk to them by their own grandparents. The rules and regulations of living in society and getting to know one’s own place in the hierarchy of a tribe was thus transmitted from generation to generation through these elders.
Grandpa trained the kids with tribal knowledge and physical exercise. Grandma was in charge of their overall emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. She was responsible for their health, well-being, food and other essential things necessary to keep children healthy and well-balanced members of the family and later on the tribe.

…and that caring instinct still is present…
That is why the matriarch – mother – was given the job of passing on the herbal knowledge to the girls in the family, preparing them to be future matriarchs taking care of their own families, as years went by. The boys were trained into becoming warriors, teachers, farmers, food gatherers or in other professions by the males of the tribe.
So the lines were demarcated out very clearly in well-regulated times since ancient days. The house, home and hearth and other duties pertaining to a domestic nature was under the jurisdiction of the females. The land, the preservation, cultivation and protection of the area around it was under the jurisdiction of the males.
So it was the man’s prerogative to be the hunter and the warrior, to feed and protect his family and tribe. Read more..

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