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6 Days to D-Day The Six Day Naturally Beautiful Regime for That Special Day

6 Days to D-Day The Six Day Naturally Beautiful Regime for That Special Day

Table of contents
Day 6
Combating sun exposure
Getting rid of winter tan
How to make Rose water
Honey lotion
Getting rid of pimples scars
Get rid of pimples
Natural soap
Moisturizing lotion
Day 5
Face bleaching
Dark circles
Day 4
Tooth bleacher
Skin tightener
Day 3
Hand care
Keeping your legs beautiful
Leg exercises
Stylish sitting pose
Day 2
Removing blackheads
Body odor
Hair care
Special D-Day
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Man is a social being and that is the reason why his life is going to be filled up with social occasions celebrating good times with other like-minded social beings. So naturally if you are fortunate enough to have a full social life with parties, celebrations, and family get-togethers throughout the year, you would want to look just that bit extra scintillating and fascinating, would you not?

Now she knows how to look good all the time. So can you!
Yes, it is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but do you know that some of the most “beautiful” women in history were plain looking. But their vivid personality made them really fascinating, and that is why people forgot that they did not have perfect classical Grecian features and the immediate allure of a Venus – Aphrodite. Nevertheless, when you get 1 months prior notice with an unspoken hint of “make sure that you Be There with bells on” and also “here is hoping that the gift that you bring will be substantial,” you know that you will need to be looking your best. And if you happen to be the bride, that means that you are going to be the cynosure of all eyes. That puts on that extra burden of you outshining all the other lovelies who have spent the whole month leisurely getting ready for just this occasion, while you rushed around getting things ready for the wedding.
Anyway, this invitation is quite enough for all the women recipients to immediately make an appointment with their favorite beauty parlors, or start to plaster and paste their faces with chemical cosmetics in the hope that they will look exquisitely beautiful on D-Day and also be the envy of all the other women around them.
It is not necessary to spend so many dollars upon expensive chemical cosmetics when the ingredients are available in right there in your kitchen or easily available in your favorite store.It takes just 6 days for you to know that you are looking your best, that your complexion is glowing and clean and that you are feeling good.
So this six-day regime is going to tone you up from top to toe, and all you have to do is sit back and smiled graciously at the appreciative looks and comments on D-Day. Read more..

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