The Magic of Natural Remedies for Curing and Healing Naturally

The Magic of Natural Remedies for Curing and Healing Naturally

Table of Contents
Keeping Our Teeth Healthy
Foods to Avoid
Ginger Remedy
Alum Turmeric Remedy
Turmeric tooth powder
Colored Bottle Remedies
Skincare Remedy
Time-Tested Sore Throat Remedy
Sinus problems
Extremely Easy Cough Remedy
Rock salt Remedy
Turmeric Remedy
Banana remedy for asthma
Natural remedies for heart attack prevention
Mint Leaves Remedy
Best Natural Diet for People Suffering from Heart Problems
Tonic to Strengthen Your Heart
Lowering Cholesterol
Raisins Remedy
Garlic for Lowering Cholesterol
Who Should Avoid Garlic
Garlic to Cure Sciatica
Sweet Almond Oil
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If you are familiar with my magic series, you may have noticed that many of these books concentrate on just one magic herb or a magic spice, which is going to cure you. Naturally, the spices and herbs have been used since ancient times to help keep people healthy, beautiful, and also youthful.
Remember that not everybody in grandma’s time or even in the time of our ancestors could afford to go to the doctor. In fact, physicians were only restricted to people who could pay their exorbitant fees. The rest of the common crowd made do with the knowledge that had been passed down to them, by their ancestors, and also from the knowledge gained through experimenting on their own.
This is how so many natural remedies came into vogue, and so many of them proved to be successful. Many of them were quack remedies, but this was because many of the ingredients which were used here were rather astonishing, when seen by a 21st century perspective. Nevertheless, there was some particular reason, why these quack remedies proved to be successful, because they had some material in them, which was able to cure people.
Now let us take for example, the use of goose grease, for rubbing on the scalp to make the hair grow faster. Goose grease is nothing but fatty oil. It moisturized the scalp. You could get the same results by rubbing in sheep fat.
So if our ancestors did not have one thing, they made do with something approximating that item, in their opinion. So one had to use goose grease and passed on this knowledge to his descendants, the coming generations began to believe that yes, this was the product, which would make your hair grow long, lustrous, and healthy. It would also keep your scalp dandruff free.
Now, what was the reason why so many people in ancient times kept healthy, even though they lived in unhygienic surroundings? Firstly, they had a strong constitution, and did not coddle themselves. They knew the value of the sun and the fresh air, and they stayed out as much as they could. They just came home to rest, eat, and possibly recuperate, if they suffered from some ailment or from injuries.
Also, they were very particular about their diet. They enjoyed plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. They also drank fresh milk in large quantities whenever they could, as well as ate milk products like butter, butter, milk, cheese, and cottage cheese as often as they could, and when they could afford it.
The wealth of a tribe depended on that the amount of cows and goats they had. Other livestock was also very precious, but these came paramount. Whenever people of one tribe were attacked by people of other tribes, the cry went up “cows, pigs, horses, goats and sheep first, children second.” The young children along with the animals were hidden away with the elders, who led the adults of the tribe do the fighting. This fighting was done, sometimes to the death, by the men and women of the tribe. The elders, who were unable to fight, were considered to be the people who would help the children survive, with knowledge about their ancient heritage.
This was the time when herbal lore was passed down to the generations from the elders of the tribe to the young next-generation and the youngest generation. Read more…

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