Health Learning Series

How to Lose Weight Without Really Dieting

How to Lose Weight Without Really Dieting
Health Learning Series

Table of Content:
How does Dieting Harm Your Body?
How Do Eating Habits Inculcated In Childhood Affect Us As Long As We Live?
Why Do You Need To Lose Weight?
How To Lose Weight Without Dieting
Easy Tips and Techniques to Remain Slim and Trim

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Have you noticed that at a get-together or a party, when the conversation starts to lag, there is one health-conscious person who starts the conversational ball rolling again with just one sentence “I have found a really amazing diet, which helps me to lose weight really fast.” And then you can see the sound volume increase, as everybody within hearing distance is going to start clamoring about their own weight problem, how they are looking for the best diets to lose weight, how they have been trying to implement the strict regime, and whether they are getting to be successful in their endeavors or not…
And then we look at the food…

Well that may be you smiling bravely but your diet regime went out of the window the moment you saw that cake. I know that I cannot resist all the tempting goodies at a party. And neither can you. In fact, neither SHOULD YOU! If your health allows you to eat and drink what you want, indulge yourself while you can!
So this book is about, How we can enjoy the good things in life (Food, glorious food, and drink and yet not feel guilty about enjoying them) and still lose weight…
This is what we have found out when a person goes on a strict diet to lose weight.
We are never happy with the end results ever.
Many of these weight loss programs may give us a temporary satisfying result, but we find ourselves in gaining weight after a while.
Many of these fads which promise us immediate weight loss have a detrimental long-term effect on our bodies.
It is very difficult for us to restrict ourselves to just one weight loss program, when there is another weight loss program recommended by our favorite movie stars or talk-show hosts… And so on.
You and I come in this category, because we have our own weight loss and weight gain stories and trials to tell. That is because this new generation is so weight conscious, that we try our best to get rid of that extra weight, almost overnight, when it took about 3 to 4 years for us to abuse our body so much that it started to gain that weight. Read more…

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