The Miracle of Wine History, Making, Selling, Preserving, Enjoying

The Miracle of Wine History, Making, Selling, Preserving, Enjoying

Table of Contents
The Amazing History of Wine
Introduction to the Wine Regions of France
Know More about White Wines.
When Is The Best Time To Drink White Wine?
Wine in your life!
Wine and Song in Austria
The Wines of Canada – Ice Wine
Know More about Delicious German Wines
Know More about Delicious Greek Wine
How to Recognize a Good Greek Wine – Labels
Know More about Hungarian Wine
Know more about Irish wine
Know More about Israeli Wine
The Wine of Japan.
Types of Rice Wine
Know More about New Zealand Wine
Know More about Portuguese Wine
Types of Spanish Wines
Learn More about South African Wines.
Types of Wines in the UK
Know More about Rose Wine.
Know More about Starting up a Wine Business.
Know More About Wine Producing Countries — A Guide
Wine As a Gift
The World’s Best Online Wine Shops
Which Are the Best Wine Clubs Which You Can Join?
Know more about winetasting
Why Do You Need a Wine Refrigerator
Wine Racks
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The Amazing History of Wine
When Neil Diamond sang, “Red Red Wine” and Paul Anka sang “Bring the Wine, oh Lady, Bring The Wine,” they knew what they were talking about. Because since 8000 B.C., everybody knows about the strength and power of fine wine made from fresh, and sun ripened juicy grapes.
The historical story about the origin of wine might be apocryphal, but the story goes that the favorite Queen of a Georgian sultan had a raging toothache, which made her want to create mayhem as well as commit homicide or suicide.
After raging at her slaves and her physician for not doing anything to take away the pain, she decided to commit suicide, in the most noisy manner possible, because the sultan had not come to cajole her out of her megrims. She saw a jar full of some liquid, which smelt nearly as bad as anything, rotting in the sun, so she drank it up to the last dreg.
If one goes by the size of ancient amphorae, it must have been a really large jar full of fermented juice of the grapes, and our Sultana was soon as merry as a cricket and as high as a kite. She grew so cheerful under the influence of the fermented grape juice that people began to wonder about the magic power of that red liquid and decided to ferment the juice and drink it in large quantities.
I am sure, she woke up with a hangover, but according to her, her toothache was gone and she had slept and dreamt pleasantly of no pain. Well, that was how people began to think about the juice of the grape in its fermented form.
And so the story of wine goes on into the annals of history. Nevertheless, the Greeks had a god consecrated to wine, and they had regular wine festivals, a tradition which was happily accepted by the Romans, who called this wine Festival Saturnalia when the god of wine, Bacchus was left free to do as most mischief as he could, because after all it was the festival, which was celebrating the power of wine and its benefits in ridding a body of care and pain.
Anybody wants to know about how the Romans got a sure fire cure for their hangover can read one of the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, where Asterix concocted a hangover cure by putting in soap, red pepper and an un — plucked fowl, among other ingredients into a cooking pot and let it stew. Of course, this hangover cure also happens to be quite apocryphal, and that is why we need to come back to red wine as more hair of the dog which bit me… Read more…

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